A chance of a ‘click’

Psychologists rarely introduce themselves. After all, our clients take centre stage while our own story is pretty irrelevant. But we now know that the ‘success’ of any ‘therapy’ will depend considerably on the relationship between client and counsellor. That relationship is far more crucial than any therapist’s academic background or the techniques used. Based on that scientific evidence, I feel it is important to clarify a number of matters. What I am about to share with you should make it easier for you to decide whether you will feel at ease with me and will be able to put your trust in me.

What does a ‘greener’ future entail?

No doubt you are familiar with the expression ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. Judging yourself and your life through the eyes of another is a common social phenomenon. It starts from the day you are born, continues at school, among friends, and ultimately at workand on social media. There is no denying that we constantly measure ourselves against others and against ‘the norm’. More often than not, this leads to dissatisfaction, uncertainty and anxiety.

Well, maybe the grass is indeed greener on the other side. Could it be a matter of perspective, angle or perception perhaps?

Might the fertiliser or the extra rainfall have something to do with it? Having said that, maybe it doesn’t matter in the slightest how ‘others’ are doing, and you have your own ideas about how you would like your life to unfold?

In the Greener Future, that ‘other side’ is the destination of your therapy. In our culture, green signifies hope. A Future that is long on elaborated wishes …

A solution-focused therapist takes a genuine interest in the future you wish for yourself. Besides, I am convinced that the foundation for that future will be most solid if you take the laws of a natural existence into account. Do you in fact know of anything more vital, more energetic, more powerful than Mother Nature? Are our wishes and decisions in harmony with our nature? Are we true to our own personality? Are our expectations of one another dictated by culture or are they rather based on our natural evolution?

In the case of any medical problems I am open to consultation and collaboration with healthcare providers who favour natural treatment methods.

Relational Context

In sum, I particularly focus on your wishes for the future. Perhaps you imagine me as a psychoanalyst who gets you to lie on a couch and talk about your childhood years for hours on end. That is a fairly uncommon approach these days. In my therapy room, you will find a number of chairs positioned in such a way that you can make as much or as little eye contact as you like. And if you want to tell me things about your past, about the people who influenced you, that too will be dealt with according to your wishes. After all, your way of thinking is strongly affected by your experiences. Your current personal or professional relationships can entail both resources and constraints. As a result, relationships will probably be a recurrent topic during our conversations.

Parent-child relationships are something I take a keen interest in. As you will notice, my bookshelves are packed with literature on attachment parenting, conscious, gentle and unconditional parenting. The way we have been raised ourselves has a long-term impact on our self-confidence, identity and creativity, not to mention our social skills and moral development. It goes without saying that this also applies to the adults of tomorrow. If you are familiar with these views and practices and would like some support in this area, you can relax in the knowledge that I am thoroughly familiar with them.